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Physiology Quiz -
History of Physiology - Part 3
In learning and understanding the principles of physiology (or any other discipline), it is often helpful to have a knowledge of the key events as well as scientists responsible for major discoveries that led to the current dogma accepted by most people in the field. Test your basic knowledge of the history of physiology by taking this simple quiz.
(1)   The term homeostasis was coined by this physiologist:
(2)   The studies of this physiologist led to the establishment of the concept of homeostasis, which refers to the body's ability to robustly maintain internal environment parameters in the face of changing parameters in the external environment.
(3)   The first experimental demonstration of neurotransmitter release from neurons was made by:
(4)   The term synapse was coined by this neurophysiologist:
(5)   The cellular action of many hormones is exerted via the activation of intracellular second messenger agents. The first hormone second messenger agent to be discovered was:
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Posted: Thursday, October 15, 2015
Last updated: Sunday, November 15, 2015