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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
The following questions are paraphrased, and in some cases generalized, versions of questions sent to us frequently by users of this site. Please click on any question to see our response. If you have a question that is not addressed below, please use our contact page to submit your question.



  • How do I cite the PhysiologyWeb project?   

    PhysiologyWeb at

  • How do I contact the PhysiologyWeb team?   

    Please use our contact page.

  • Who are the members of the PhysiologyWeb team?   

    For a variety of philosophical and practical reasons, the team members have elected to contribute to this project in an anonymous fashion. PhysiologyWeb is meant to be a mission-guided, coordinated, small community effort. Team members contribute only when they are not bound by other professional and personal responsibilities, and are not disturbed when other responsibilities must take precedence.

  • Is PhysiologyWeb affiliated with any professional physiology society?   

    No. While some of our members hold membership in professional physiology societies, PhysiologyWeb is not formally associated with any society. Nevertheless, it is a part of our mission to increase public awareness about the importance of professional physiological societies as primary keepers, communicators, and advancers of physiology knowledge.

  • Are your calculators available as apps to be installed on Apple or Android phones/tablets?   

    Sorry, No! Simply use the calculators via your web browser. We often use the calculators ourselves in this fashion.

  • Can I contribute content to the PhysiologyWeb project?   

    The materials provided on these pages have been mainly contributed by the PhysiologyWeb team members. We do, however, gladly accept contributions from others. In fact, some of the exising pages have been contributed to PhysiologyWeb by anonymous donors. If you are interested in contributing content, please contact us.

  • I have a great idea for additional physiology content (online calculator, exam questions, etc.) that will improve this site. How do I communicate it to the PhysiologyWeb team?   

    We are always eager to hear new ideas about how to improve this project. Please do share your experience, knowledge, and ideas with us. Please see Terms of Use regarding ideas and/or content submitted to PhysiologyWeb.

  • Does PhysiologyWeb help others develop their own online tools?   

    While our primary function is not to provide this service to others, we will be happy to discuss how our established technologies may help others. We are especially eager to contribute to academic and/or educational causes.

  • I am an educator and would like to use some of the figures available on the site in my lectures. How do I obtain permission?   

    Please contact PhysiologyWeb to inquire about reprint permissions.

  • I would like to reproduce your content/image/animation/etc. for commercial purposes (e.g., in a published book). How do I obtain permission?   

    Please contact PhysiologyWeb to inquire about reprint permissions and our fee schedule.

  • Why is all this information provided free of charge?   

    The PhysiologyWeb team is composed of educators who believe that information should be readily and freely available to all.

  • How is PhysiologyWeb financially supported?   

    PhysiologyWeb team members contribute materials to this project without any compensation. The costs of running and maintaining this site are shared collectively by the team members.

  • Will any feature of this site ever be placed behind an electronic pay wall?   


  • What is the reason for not choosing Wikipedia as a medium for this project?   

    We thought very hard about the best medium for implementing this project and in fact considered Wikipedia very seriously initially. We were and are impressed by the amount of useful physiology information available on Wikipedia; for example, see the Human Physiology project on Wikibooks. However, from the outset, our goal was to provide dynamic content (i.e., calculators, graded tests, physiology forum, etc.) and this led to us create PhysiologyWeb as an independent site hosted by a reliable web hosting service.

Posted: Friday, October 1, 2010
Last updated: Sunday, July 9, 2023