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Summary of how tutoring Works.
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Detailed description of how online tutoring works:
Sequence of tutoring steps
  1. You: You submit your question, any relevant supporting materials, and the date/time by which the answer is needed. You wait for a response from PhysiologyWeb. Please note that all correspondence sent to you by PhysiologyWeb will be sent to your registered email address.
  2. PhysiologyWeb: We will accept your request and provide the cost of completing this tutoring session. We may ask that you provide additional information to clarify the question. If we do not believe we can meet your deadline, or provide you with the best experience possible, we will ask for your forgiveness and decline your request for tutoring.
  3. You: If you choose to use our tutoring service, you follow the link provided in the email sent to you to enter payment information. Payment authorization will be obtained, however, you will not be charged until there is mutual agreement that PhysiologyWeb has provided a satisfactory answer to you.
  4. PhysiologyWeb: We provide an answer to your question.
  5. You and PhysiologyWeb: You accept our answer or ask additional clarifying questions. We will provide additional clarifying answers. Within reason, we do not set a limit to how many clarifying questions you can ask, so long as they are related to the original question.
  6. You: You indicate your level of satisfaction with the tutoring help you have received. If you so wish, you complete a quality of service survey.
  7. PhysiologyWeb: We will close the tutoring session. If we have your indication of satisfaction with our service, you will be charged the original amount quoted.
Tutoring prices:
Prices are calculated as $5.00 per 15 minutes of time spent on a question. PhysiologyWeb provides an estimate of the time it will take to answer a question (see Step 2 above). The following table serves as a guide for the cost of tutoring sessions. All prices are in U.S. dollars.

Time spent by PhysiologyWeb on question Price
(U.S. Dollars)
5 minutes $1.50
10 minutes $3.00
15 minutes $5.00
30 minutes $10.00
45 minutes $15.00
1 hour (60 minutes) $20.00
1.25 hours (75 minutes) $25.00
1.5 hours (90 minutes) $30.00
1.75 hours (105 minutes) $35.00
2 hours (120 minutes) $40.00
2.25 hours (135 minutes) $45.00
2.5 hours (150 minutes) $50.00
2.75 hours (165 minutes) $55.00
3 hours (180 minutes) $60.00
3.25 hours (195 minutes) $65.00
3.5 hours (210 minutes) $70.00
3.75 hours (225 minutes) $75.00
4 hours (240 minutes) $80.00
4.25 hours (255 minutes) $85.00
4.5 hours (270 minutes) $90.00
4.75 hours (285 minutes) $95.00
5 hours (300 minutes) $100.00

Posted: Saturday, December 26, 2015
Last updated: Wednesday, July 4, 2018