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Reprint Permissions
All information contained on the PhysiologyWeb home page ( as well as all of the sub-pages accessible through the home page (collectively referred to as Web Pages) is copyright © 2000-2022 by PhysiologyWeb. All rights reserved. This information is protected by U.S. and International copyright and trademark laws, and other applicable intellectual property laws, including laws covering data access and data compilations. The information contained on these Web Pages may not, under any circumstances, be copied, modified, reused, reproduced, published, distributed, broadcast, incorporated into any derivative works or compilations, or otherwise used for any purpose whatsoever without explicit prior written consent by PhysiologyWeb.
Reprint permission requests should be submitted to PhysiologyWeb via our contact page, and should contain all of the following information:
  • Name, position, title, and organizational affiliation of individual requesting reprint permission.
  • Specific information for which reprint permission is requested.
  • URL of the web page on which the information of interest resides.
  • Nature of intended use (e.g., educational use or commercial use).
  • Duration of intended use.
  • Target audience of information.
  • Method of reproduction.
  • Method of distribution.

If you need additional information, please contact us. Please also see our Terms of Use notice.

Posted: Friday, October 22, 2010
Last updated: Saturday, December 26, 2015