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Physiology Quiz -
Renal Physiology - Part 8
The kidneys are of outstanding importance. They perform a number of homeostatic functions including filtration of plasma and elimination of metabolic waste products, regulation of the composition and volume of the extracellular fluid, and regulation of blood pressure. The kidneys are also endocrine organs. Test your basic knowledge of renal physiology by taking this simple quiz.
(1)   The main functions of the kidney nephrons are:
(2)   These kidney cells are responsible for producing and secreting renin into the bloodstream:
(3)   In humans, the urinary bladder further changes the composition of urine before it is eliminated from the body.
(4)   In humans, the urinary bladder simply serves as a storage sac for urine before it is eliminated from the body. Therefore, the human urinary bladder does not alter the composition of urine.
(5)   Along the human nephron, obligatory reabsorption of water and solutes takes place mostly along this nephron segment:
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Posted: Monday, January 4, 2016