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Physiology Quiz -
Random Physiology Questions - Part 4
This quiz contains a set of questions randomly selected from different topics.
(1)   This motor protein is involved in the transport of vesicles and organelles toward the axon terminal (anterograde transport).

(2)   Most sensory neurons belong to this structural class of neurons:
(3)   The channel pore of the nicotinic acetylcholine receptor is permeable to both Na+ and K+. The relative pK : pNa permeability of the selectivity filter is:
(4)   Which of the following directly activates myosin light chain kinase in smooth muscle cells?
(5)   The squid giant axon has been indispensable in allowing neuroscientists to gain a deep understanding of the nature of the action potential and its propagation. On average, what is the diameter of a typical giant axon obtained from the squid?
(6)   Which of the following is oxytocin?
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Posted: Tuesday, December 8, 2015