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Physiology Quiz -
Human Puberty - Part 4
Puberty is a period of rapid physical growth and change, brought about by hormonal changes, that culminates in sexual maturity. Test your basic knowledge of human puberty by taking this simple quiz.
(1)   During human puberty, the increase in bone mass and density is due mainly to the action of this hormone (in both sexes):
(2)   An increase in the production and release of this hormone triggers the start of puberty in both males and females.
(3)   In females, the onset of menstruation (i.e., appearance of the first menstrual period) is referred to as:

(4)   During puberty in human females, the following main events occur in order (first to last, going from left to right):
(5)   When menstruation first begins, the first few menstruation events are usually anovulatory (i.e., without ovulation).
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Posted: Thursday, September 17, 2015