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Leadership / Management Tip
Choose your spoken words, tone, and gestures carefully.

Spoken words can be inspiring, elevating, encouraging, hopeful, helpful, and inclusive. They can also be discouraging, hurtful, offensive, and alienating. Be careful with your spoken words. Choose your language and tone thoughtfully and intentionally. Tone and voice inflection can synergistically add meaning to your carefully selected words. Also be cognizant of your facial, hand, and bodily gestures to ensure alignment with your carefully selected language and tone. Thoughtful and intentional leaders speak with the utmost care. They are fully aware of their tone and gestures. [paragraph] Conversely, do not spend too much emotional energy on words said or gestures exhibited by others. Most people do not have the training, collection of thought, control of their impulses and emotions, linguistic intelligence, or emotional intelligence to select their language, tone, and gestures carefully.

Posted: Sunday, January 15, 2023