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Leadership / Management Tip
Watch out for snakes!

Positive attitude, outlook, projections, thoughts, and intentions are essential to being an effective leader and manager. So are collegiality, empathy, and compassion. But it is also important to recognize that some people are simply evil. There are the haters, jealous, angry, conniving, schemers, and saboteurs. Watch out for these people. If you are an effective and well-liked leader and, as a result, you are getting good recognition for your work, you are already the natural target for these individuals. Be careful with these individuals just as you are with wild animals such as venomous snakes, bears, zebras, hippos, scorpions, etc. There is no reasoning with these individuals. Maneuver and navigate carefully around these individuals. The slightest of innocent interactions and incidents will set them off to act according to their natural, animalistic instincts to hurt and damage others. They have an extraordinary knack to find like-natured individuals and band with them, just like a pack of wolves. Like strong magnets among an assortment of random items, these individuals find each other within the organization, and work in unity and unison to undermine others, especially those who are respected and well-liked. Be careful with these individuals. Never, absolutely never, confront them, unless you are prepared to descend to their level and engage in unprofessional behavior. Indeed, there is no limit to how low and unprofessional these individuals are capable of descending.

The good news is that these individuals usually make up a very small fraction of employees at any organization. However, their bad behavior, individually and collectively, consumes energy, disrupts collaborations, fractures partnerships, increases unhealthy competition, normalizes caustic rivalries, destroys morale, and reduces productivity. The only effective and lasting way to address their behavior is to constantly work on the values and culture of your organization. If your values and culture norms are embraced and practiced very broadly, you limit the size and negative influence of this group.

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Posted: Saturday, January 7, 2023
Last updated: Saturday, July 15, 2023