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Leadership / Management Tip
Create your personal brand and reputation and work hard to preserve them.

Your personal brand and reputation define the first thing that comes to others' mind when they hear your name, see your name on a document, see a video of you, hear a recording of you, or see you in person. Work hard to develop your reputation and brand, and work even harder to maintain and defend them. Your brand defines what you are known for and what attributes you are associated with. A good brand improves your reputation. Work hard every day to improve your brand and reputation, and work even harder to maintain them.

Here are examples of positive ways in which your brand can define you (in alphabetical order):

abundance mindset, accessible, accountable, action-oriented, active, active listener, activist (in a constructive way), adaptable, affable, aggressive (in a good way), agile, alert, altruistic, anticipates change, approachable, articulate, assertive, attentive, authentic, aware, balanced, big heart, bold, builds community, builds trust, calm, candid, careful, caring, celebrates others, centered, change agent, cheerful, cheerleader, civic-minded, civil, clear, coachable, cognizant, collaborative, collected, collegial, compassionate, composed, confident, conscientious, consensus builder, considerate, consistent, consultative, cooperative, courageous, courteous, creates a safe space, creates common purpose, creates common vision, creative, critical (in a constructive way), critical thinker, curious, data-driven, data-informed, decent, decisive (in a good way), delegates work appropriately, dependable, dignified, diligent, disciplined, disruptor (in a positive way), driven, earnest, effective, efficient, embraces change, emotionally intelligent, empathetic, empowers others, enables others, encouraging, energetic, engaged, engaging, enthusiastic, equitable, erudite, ethical, even-handed, even-keeled, evidence-driven, evidence-informed, excellent, experienced, expert, fair, fast learner, fearless (in a good way), flexible (in a good way), focused, focused on both short-term and long-term, forgiving, forward-looking, friend, friendly, full, fun, funny, generous, gentle, genuine, gives back, gives credit to others, glass half-full, good, good habits, good judgement, good steward, graceful, gracious, grateful, gregarious, grounded, growth mindset, happy, hardworking, has ethical character, has high expectations, has integrity, has moral compass, has strong core values, healthy, healthy skeptic, helpful, high achiever, high standards, holistic thinker, honest, honorable, hopeful, humane, humble, imaginative, impactful, inclusive, industrious, influential (in a positive way), informed, innovative, inquisitive, inspires others, inspiring, intelligent (any one or all nine types of intelligence), intentional, intuitive, judicious, kind, knowledgeable, leader, leads by example, leans into challenges, learns from failure, level-headed, lifelong learner, likable, liked, lovable, loved, loyal, makes a positive difference, mature, measured, memorable (in a positive way), mentor, methodical, mindful, mission-aligned, modest, moral, motivates others, multi-dimensional, natural leader, navigates ambiguity, nimble, observant, open, open-minded, opportunistic (in a good way), optimist, optimistic, outcomes-oriented, partner, passionate, perseverant, persistent, personable, planful, planner, poised, polite, positive, powerful, predictable, prepared, present, present and engaged, principled, problem-solver, productive, professional, promotes a creative culture, promotes a healthy culture, promotes an innovative culture, promotes continuous improvement, promotes diversity, promotes equity, promotes growth of others, promotes health and well-being, promotes inclusion, promotes justice, promotes teamwork, proper, proud, provides constructive feedback, prudent, punctual, purposeful, qualified, ready, reliable, reserved, resilient, resolute, resourceful, respectable, respected, respectful, responsible, responsive, restrained (in a good way), results-oriented, role model, savvy, scrupulous, seeks input from others, self-aware, self-controlled, selfless, self-reflective, self-restrained, self-starter, self-sufficient, sensitive (inclusive of others), servant leader, service-oriented, sincere, skillful, smart, socially responsible, sophisticated, spontaneous (in a good way), steadfast, strategic, strong, successful, supportive, sympathetic, systems thinker, takes initiative, teachable, teacher, team player, thankful, thinker, thought leader, thoughtful, transparent, trustworthy, truthful, unbiased, understanding, unflappable, uniter, upbeat, useful, uses power judiciously, visible, visionary, welcomes change, welcoming, well-intentioned, wise, worldly

Here are examples of negative ways in which your brand can define you (in alphabetical order):

abrupt, absent, accusatory, activist (in a destructive way), ageist, aggressive (in a bad way), ambivalent, angry, annoyed, annoying, antagonistic, apathetic, arrogant, authoritarian, autocrat, autocratic, avoids challenges, awful, awkward, back-stabber, backward-looking, bad, bad behavior, bad habits, bad role model, belligerent, biased, bitter, blames others, bossy, bully, careless, caustic, chaotic, chauvinist, closed, close-minded, clueless, competitor, complacent, complainer, conceited, confrontational, confused, conniving, corrupt, creates a hostile environment, creates a toxic environment, critical (in a negative way), crusty, curmudgeon, curt, cynic, deceitful, decisive (in a bad way), deflects work to others, detractor, devious, dictator, dictatorial, difficult, discouraging, disengaged, disgusting, dishonest, disingenuous, disliked, disloyal, dismissive, disorganized, disrespectful, disruptive behavior, disruptor (in a negative way), distracted, divider, dogmatic, doom and gloom, downer, easily rattled, egotistic, elitist, emotional, empty, enemy, engages in and spreads gossip, entitled, erodes trust, erratic, exclusive, exhibits favoritism, extremist, fake, feared, fearful, fearless (in a bad way), fickle, foul mouth, frazzled, frustrated, glass half-empty, greedy, harasses others, hard-headed, harmful, harsh, hated, hater, hot-headed, hurtful, hypocritical, ignorant, ill-intentioned, ill-tempered, immature, immoral, improper, impulsive, inaccessible, inattentive, incompetent, inconsiderate, inconsistent, ineffective, inequitable, inexperienced, inflexible, influential (in a negative way), insecure, insincere, intimidates others, intolerant, irresponsible, jealous, jerk, judgmental, lack of energy, lack of humility, lack of imagination, lack of integrity, lack of judgement, lazy, liar, limited, loathed, low standards, malcontent, manipulative, mean, memorable (in a negative way), micromanager, miserable, misfit, misogynist, narcissistic, narrow-minded, naysayer, needy, negative, not useful, novice, oblivious, obstinate, off the cuff, offensive, opportunistic (in a bad way), oppressor, out to lunch, passive, patronizing, pessimist, petty, petulant, pompous, prejudiced, prescriptive, presumptuous, pretentious, procrastinator, purposeless, racist, random decision maker, reckless, resentful, resists change, restrained (in a bad way), rigid, rough, rudderless, rude, saboteur, scarcity mindset, scattered, schemer, self-absorbed, self-centered, self-flattering, self-important, selfish, self-obsessed, self-promoting, sensitive (in a self-serving way), sexist, single-minded, slow, snake, snippy, snitch, snob, socially awkward, spontaneous (in a bad way), stagnant, stifles growth of others, stingy, stubborn, stuck in the past, sucks the life out of others, sycophant, takes all the credit, temperamental, threatening, too confident, too lenient, too proud, too quiet, too talkative, toxic, two-faced, tyrant, unaware, unclear, uncoachable, uncollaborative, uncurious, undependable, undisciplined, unethical, unfair, unfocused, unfriendly, unhappy, unhealthy, unhealthy skeptic, unhelpful, unidimensional, unilateral, unimaginative, uninformed, unintelligent, uninterested, unkind, unpredictable, unprepared, unprincipled, unproductive, unprofessional, unqualified, unreliable, unreserved, unresponsive, unruly, unscrupulous, unsophisticated, unsupportive, unsure, unteachable, untrustworthy, unworldly, useless, uses power recklessly, vicious, victim mindset, vindictive, violent, weak

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Posted: Saturday, January 7, 2023
Last updated: Friday, November 24, 2023