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Physiology Quiz -
Endocrine Pancreas - Part 1
The pancreas is a compound gland. It is both an endocrine gland, and an exocrine gland. The exocrine pancreas plays a crucial role in food digestion by secreting digesting enzymes and bicarbonate into the duodenum portion of the small intestine. The endocrine part of the pancreas is responsible for secreting at least four hormones, two of which, insulin and glucagon, play an important role in plasma glucose homeostasis. Test your basic knowledge of the endocrine pancreas by taking this simple quiz.
(1)   This hormone is synthesized and secreted by pancreatic beta (β) cells.

(2)   This hormone is synthesized and secreted by pancreatic alpha (α) cells.

(3)   These potassium channels are important in the function of pancreatic beta (β) cells:
(4)   This hormone leads to an increase in plasma glucose levels:
(5)   This hormone leads to a decrease in plasma glucose levels:
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Checking your answers...



Posted: Saturday, March 7, 2015